Вопрос/ответ - интервью с эскорт моделью Лией

Name the lady who left a mark in history, and is for you the benchmark of femininity. What helped her achieve success?

Catherine II. This lady made herself. A vivid example that the female mind is very sexy. And that perseverance is worth a lot. In second place is Coco Chanel. She did not hide the fact that she was helped by powerful men. Success was achieved due to the fact that she could defend her ideas.

What is your favorite movie / book phrase?

"I will think about it tomorrow" - the legendary phrase Scarlett O'Hara. I am impressed by her lightness.

Do you have a hobby? What place does it take in your life?

Yes. I live by means of dances . I can not stay long without them. Only on the dance floor can I completely relax. And if this is a dance with an interesting man or for him, then it just blows my mind.

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