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Inessa is a lighter girl. Spent a positive, active and fun weekend at the cottage with friends. Did not give to miss, was the soul of the company. Educated, erudite, easily found a common language with everyone. Alone - delicate and incredibly interesting, knows how to listen and can support the conversation on almost any topic. It's nice that a beautiful girl is not only watching her looks. I was pleasantly impressed. Vyacheslav, 23 Dec 2018

I love pretentious girls. It was not enough, although Inessa is the embodiment of femininity and passion. He has his own opinion, he is not afraid to say what he values, but he still likes the flighty and capricious ones. Therefore, there are no complaints about the girl, everything was at the highest level, but in the future I will give preference to another Sergei, 01 Dec 2018

Friends came from the east. They asked to organize a pleasant holiday in Moscow for a few days. And so that is not boring, with attractive girls. They don't like to have dinner alone. Rescued Russian Models. They offered the best escort. One of them, Nina, the mulatto girl, pleasantly impressed both the guests of the capital and me. Exotic appearance, charisma, the ability to submit themselves, so that all around trying to achieve favor. A nice bonus is education and ability to keep up conversations on any topics. I am sure that now they will visit Moscow more often. Satisfied.

Oleg, 21 Nov 2018

The company has organized private corporate games for senior management on tennis courts. The appearance is obligatory in the company with the companion. Rescued girl Irina. Fitness model showed a high class, which is important for my status. And also helped brighten up the boring evenings and nights. Arseniy, 19 Nov 2018

Always dreamed of spending time with an Asian. I ordered Ayia. I did not regret. I have never experienced such sensations. Small, tender, very affectionate and incredibly sexy. Spent a wonderful evening. She had something to talk about. Not Hamila, looked as if the best in the world. There was a feeling that got into a fairy tale. Thank you, Russian Models. Soon we will repeat. Dmitriy, 14 Nov 2018

I really like Asian women. After a trip to Thailand, just a fan of them. I ordered the services of escort model Nari. We went for a walk, went to a restaurant. It was fun and interesting. Unlike the islanders, there is something to talk about. In some aspects - far superior to them. Well-groomed, elegantly dressed, knows etiquette, observing the necessary mannerisms for the institution of this level. It was a pleasant evening. Anatoly, 07 Nov 2018

It was necessary to go to an important meeting in Thailand. A ticket for two, and the girl is not suitable. I understood that I would have to spend a lot of time with partners with my companions in an informal setting. I decided to choose a fitness model that delights the figure and attractive appearance. I was pleasantly surprised, the girl Alla was also very stupid. I understood when it was necessary to speak or be silent, leave or brighten up with my company, how to relieve tension and relax. In the end, everything ended as well as possible. Largely due to high-quality escort. Igor, 06 Nov 2018

Cat grace, exotic looks, charisma and temperament have always attracted. Lola girl - just a picture. It was a wonderful evening with an equally impressive continuation. She is a dream girl. But to say that something supernatural is right - no. Just an awesome girl. I was pleased. Sergei, 05 Nov 2018

I decided to order an Asian for the evening with a sequel. I thought it would be fun. Aziz's girl with bright charisma and an awesome figure was a good girl, educated, well-read, etc. But something is not right for me. Whether the character was not enough, or the mentality of the other, she did not understand me, like our girls. Now I know for sure that exotic is not for me, although the girls are very beautiful. Andrew, 30 Oct 2018

Attractive and charming Inessa presented an unforgettable evening. The city had to stay on business for more than a month. Friends, no relatives. I wanted a little warmth. In her company I was able to have a nice dinner, relax and fully enjoy the company. She is a wonderful and witty companion, sweet, unobtrusive, gentle and with a spark. We will meet again. Igor, 16 Oct 2018

Always admired girls athletic build. But preference was given to representatives of magnificent forms. I decided to experiment and order a fitness model for the evening with a sequel. Active, with perfect appearance by the current standards Olga brightened my evening. We talked pleasantly, had dinner, found many common topics, thanks for a pleasant evening. Sergei, 11 Oct 2018

Friends decided to play a trick and ordered a mulatto girl to meet me. Beautiful Mila was able to surprise me. Educated, smart, knowing how to deal with men, radically changed my view. It was the soul of the evening, not arrogant and fun could make jealous of all that she was with me. Special thanks to her for this. Nicholas, 11 Oct 2018

Spent a few days with May at a mountain resort. Got an incredible pleasure - a girl of eastern appearance and skiing in the snow. Itself turned out to be a great guy - she was rolling cool and with excitement. Rested on all 100%. Cheerful and active days, pleasant romantic evenings. Sergei, 05 Sep 2018

Not the first time contacting the agency. Never failed. It was necessary to surprise the partners, I decided to take an Asian girl with me to the meeting. They offered Kim. I liked how I behaved. Spoke a little and on the topic. I was pleasantly surprised by the erudition and understanding of the situation. Great companion, a pleasant companion. Victor, 22 Aug 2018

We needed a companion for a country holiday with friends. I wanted something unusual. So that everyone gasped. The agency offered to take with Sandra. A pleasant chocolate hue of the skin, a bright appearance, a sports figure - everyone liked it. He was worried that he could not find a common language with other girls. But in vain. She turned out to be a very cheerful, charming and sociable girl with incredible charisma. Everyone was delighted, especially me. Artem, 25 Jul 2018

We went to the mountains with friends. All athletes, and with girls. To brighten up your leisure time, I decided to order a model. I only understood that we need a hardy girl prepared for long transitions, and also an attractive appearance. I thought I would have to search for a suitable companion for a long time. The agency Rus-model offered charming Anna. An athlete with the necessary training made the company, and we had a great time. A beautiful, smart, educated and just nice girl on the way became a friend, interlocutor and a close person. He didn’t regret his choice for a minute. George, 06 Jun 2018

Liana is a stunning girl. She helped me a lot in negotiations with partners. There was a very tense situation, but Liana was somehow able to defuse the situation. Everything went even better than I thought. Now she is my talisman. Without it, I do not make a single deal! Here it is - the power of female beauty. Arthur, 01 Mar 2018

Julia is just a stunning girl! Her body is crazy! And how she dances ... This is of course prohibitive. The first time Julia accompanied me to the exhibition in Berlin. She was doing well and everything went even better than I expected. And now I periodically use her services in Moscow. It is not always the format of business communication. Sometimes you just want to be in the company of a beautiful girl. Artem for Julia, 28 Feb 2018

Traveled with Kira in Dubai. Cheerful, very courageous (!) And positive! Ready for the next trip with me? Gennadiy, 25 Feb 2018

Girl what you need! Thank you dear! Pyetr, 18 Feb 2018

We date with Marta quite often, as she suits me and business partners quite well. Always on time comes to events and behaves adequately. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. It may sound rude, but earlier collaborated with another agency, which the intellect clearly did not include in the list of requirements for girls in the selection process. Ivan, 16 Feb 2018

I want to recommend Cyrus as a real professional. I needed a girl for a very specific photo shoot, so I chose not just a beautiful model, but also so that she could naturally behave in front of the camera. It turned out really cool. I am very satisfied. My Recommendations. Fyodr, 11 Feb 2018

Very nice to work with this charming girl. Of the main advantages I can point out a genuine sense of humor. It won't be boring, that's for sure. When a free evening is given, I will spend it with great pleasure in the company of Martha. Stanislav, 06 Feb 2018

We have been working with Diana for a long time and have already become good friends. Always on time, always prepared, always in a good mood. Like that takes into account our wishes regarding the appearance, almost always gets to the point. Well,  those who organizes theme parties will understand me. Vasiliy, 25 Jan 2018

The trip was just awesome. Daria is a real professional! Still, our girls are great! Do not get lost even in the most difficult situations. Vyacheslav, 25 Jan 2018

Mira is a pleasant girl who quickly finds a common language with people. She accompanied me to parties a couple of times, and now I am planning a trip with her to Europe. I am sure I will have something to remember! Dmitriy, 18 Jan 2018

Let trite, but - this is the level! No wonder spent money. So I have not rested for a long time! Kirill, 05 Jan 2018

Lena is a great fellow. We invited her to the exhibition, she helped us a lot in organizational aspects. This is what experience means! Thank! Evgeniy, 26 Dec 2017

When you need escort gilr, I order Olya only. She made a very good impression on our partners from Denmark. I don’t know what this is connected with, it’s some kind of magic, but some even ask if Olga will be at the next event. Lev, 24 Dec 2017

Liana great  and clever! Thank you dear. Our trip was simply unforgettable! With you it will not be boring even in the desert. Boris, 20 Dec 2017

Thanks to Russian Models agency and Diana personally for first-class service. I have something to compare with, so I sighed with relief when I finally found an adequate model. It was very easy and simple to work with Diana. She did everything exactly as I wanted. Thank! Oleg, 13 Dec 2017

Brilliantly coped with all the tasks. Much was not required, but it happens that girls do not understand basic things. Although the cost of services is not cheap, but the result has pleased us enough. Andrei, 30 Nov 2017

Not the first year I cooperate with the Russian Model agency and Karina, in particular. The best escort girl in Moscow! All work out on the highest level. Arseniy, 13 Nov 2017

I have been using escort services for 5 years now. What can I say, I have tried many agencies, so I can compare. We have been working very closely with Russian Models for two years. Mira works very easily. If possible, I order only her. She has never failed. Roman, 30 Sep 2017

I needed a companion for a holiday in the Alps. I was looking for an active girl who loves winter sports. I contacted the agency asking me to pick up a beautiful and athletic companion. The girl exceeded all my expectations. Charming Olga came by plain to rest with me. She is divinely beautiful. In it there is no pathos of our capital spoiled ladies. Sweet as mango. She is beautiful without a drop of makeup and is as direct as a child. In this case, the girl is smart, well-read and skiing smartly. In this, she surpassed even me! The next trip to the rest plan only with her. My dream is to see her in an exotic country, diving into the turquoise water... I think that she swims no worse than snowboarding. Maxim, 22 Jan 2019

It so happened that before an important business meeting in London, my personal assistant fell ill. She was my right hand and translator. A friend advised me to contact the agency and I have never regretted it. My choice fell on Margarita. It turned out that Rita is fluent in English, and in general an erudite and charming lady with excellent manners. She just conquered my partners, and the meeting was held at the proper level. In the evening, we with this wonderful girl annealed at the disco as teenagers! I did not want to part with her for a minute. I will never forget this glitter in my eyes and elegant smile. In the very near future I have a vacation in Turkey. There I will definitely invite this stunning princess. George, 22 Jan 2019

I invited Leaya to accompany me at the opening of our gallery. My choice was the right one. She is a very charming and intelligent girl. He speaks good English. Well communicated with foreign guests. And in general, she is just a beauty, which also causes respect. Now I will turn only to her. With working moments and not only... George, 22 Jan 2019

I was bored to rest myself. We constantly broke up with the girl right before the flight. I invited Olya and did not regret it. Two weeks went by like two days. She helped me relax. Beautiful and confident. But at the same time without the priests and unnecessary coquetry. Miroslav, 22 Jan 2019

Sveta is a girl who can set fire to bridges! She is incredibly temperamental and liberated! Rest with her turned out to be a paradise, no matter how trite it sounds! She is just gorgeous. Now only her! Vladimir, 22 Jan 2019

The world looks like a living porcelain doll externally, but inside it is very temperamental. Rest with her I will never forget, and now again and again at the first opportunity I will invite her to rest. She is classy in all forms. And most importantly, I have so much fun with her. This means that she is a living and real woman. These types are now difficult to meet. Karim, 22 Jan 2019

Diana is a girl of a stunning beauty. We have known her for quite some time. This is a real lady. She knows how to dress properly and present herself. I am pleased that men turn their heads toward her when they see her! After all, this girl with me. With her, you can feel like a real winner. We rested together in Europe, in Dubai, in the Emirates. Diving, skydiving, skated... She is not afraid of anything. She is such a lighter! Dima, 22 Jan 2019

With Karina we rested in Europe. She has become a real guide for me. Very erudite beauty, which for me was a pleasant surprise. In addition, a very sensual girl who knows her value. She is really an elite beauty! Artem, 22 Jan 2019

We invited Alexandra to work at the exhibition. This is a wonderful girl and a true professional. She knows several languages, speaks oratory, can simply catch the eye with her huge eyes. I'm just amazed. At the end of the day she gave us many business cards of the right people. The girl coped well with the task. I recommend! Andrei, 22 Jan 2019

Daria is not a girl, but a unique female. Excellent manners, restraint, elegant smile and excellent knowledge of English at the negotiations. She showed herself as a real business woman. And at night - it's a fire girl. She danced at the club so much that it’s impossible to take your eyes off. Very positive, bright person. These girls are charging you up! As soon as the opportunity arises, then I will come to you. Wait for me... Vladimir, 22 Jan 2019

Vera is a girl of incredible beauty. A long-legged fallow deer, and in the eyes of such a whim ... Rest with her turned out to be a fairy tale. She is lively, playful, positive, she has a great sense of humor. He took her before the trip to the negotiations and there she showed herself at the height. She is fluent in English. Speaks cleanly, almost without an accent. In general, now I will cooperate only with Vera. Rustam, 19 Dec 2018

Nika is a soft and feminine girl. She looks like a cat with the same grace and awakening purring. Besides the fact that she is stunningly beautiful, she also moves very well. Smart, educated, positive. I recommend! Arthur, 22 Jan 2019

Julia is an incredibly beautiful girl. She is pure fire! And how she keeps herself in the saddle? It just turns you on. Beautiful slim and flexible feminine body. She is Amazon woman! We had a great relaxing time, she absolutely has no taboo. Cheerful, sharp minded, natural. I have not met such girls for a long time. Now I will apply only to her. This girl hooked me up. Sergey, 22 Jan 2019

I was going to go on vacation, and I realized that there was no decent girl around. Those whom I know, just do not want to see. Getting to know someone quickly turned out to be not so easy. Fortunately, now everything can be solved quickly via the Internet. Lia is just super: sociable, smart, funny. Her appearance is simply divine! Without a doubt, it was the best vacation of my life! Sergei, 01 Feb 2019

Needed a companion to accompany a business meeting. Finding a beautiful girl is not a problem, but one that can talk and support, and is well versed with etiquette during the day with fire not to be found. Svetlana helped out. Very smart and beautiful girl. I was able to defuse the situation. Her lovely jokes were most welcome, and the charm struck everyone. Thanks to the ingenuity and charm of the girl signed a very lucrative contract. Nicholas, 01 Feb 2019

Not everyone can ignite this way. Olya you are the best! Valentine, 22 Jan 2019

We flew with Lena to China, I liked everything. We shot the clip, and she ideally suited the role of the main character. I liked especially her discipline and fighting spirit. The film crew was already exhausted in the stifling Guangzhou, and she was fine, no complaints and whining. And of course the external data is good, what else can I say, very well-groomed and smart. There is another project ahead, so well, we already have our own plans for it. We continue to work! Andrei, 22 Jan 2019

Cheerful, active and very positive girl. I ordered escort girl and was pleased. All of us liked her. Just discuss in advance all the nuances of the upcoming event. We were embarrassed with Alexandra . We did not warn her about the rules of the dress code at the event. But she did a great job, quickly solved the task. Many thanks to her! Sergey, 22 Jan 2019

There was a need to contact the escort agency Russian models in connection with the upcoming negotiations with partners in an informal setting. The manager picked up the girl completely satisfying my wishes. The meeting was excellent, thanks for the well-organized work at the first-class level. Peter, 01 Feb 2019

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