A date with the continuation

A successful man today can easily meet girls and choose any suitable form of relationship. Why, then, are rich, educated, diversified businessmen left alone in the shower? Unfortunately, self-sufficiency often plays a cruel joke. Demanding on themselves gives rise to the same list of requirements for its second half. And often successful business people need help to organize their personal lives.

The agency Rus-model helps such men, arranging meetings with amazing charismatic girls. This is not like a banal dating site, where people are looking for a couple for the evening. Also, we are not a marriage agency where you will be asked to fill out long questionnaires and a lot of psychological tests.

Elite club for dating with the sequel

Our services resemble a closed elite club where you can find your destiny. This probability is very high, because we take into account all the wishes of men. We also focus on psychological compatibility. Therefore, we have a large percentage of dates, which have developed into tender relations and a strong family.

Meet the dream

Знакомство с продолжениемOur managers offer clients to choose several candidates and go on dates with them. In our database a huge number of the best girls who are open to new acquaintances. They dream to connect life with a successful, intelligent man - the man behind whom they will be like behind a stone wall. Maybe it is you?

The girls from our base are real beauties from nature. Most of them are all natural. We appreciate our customers and offer dating with lovely, unspoiled lady. They do not look like silicone dolls with pouting lips and breasts. On the contrary, they are gentle, sweet and captivate with natural beauty.

In our catalog there are only slender tall, well-groomed nymphs with a floating gait and amazing flexibility. They have soft, but confident movements. They know how to fascinate with voice, grace, ability to listen to the interlocutor.

Each of them worked hard on herself as an individual. All ladies have higher education or receive it in the most prestigious educational institutions of the country. Many of them are professionally involved in sports. This may be surfing, horse riding, gymnastics, yoga, scuba diving, tennis. A sports and active man will not be bored with such a chosen one, and perhaps she will even teach her companion something new. There are ladies who are real polyglots and can replace you with a translator at a business meeting.

In addition, we pay a lot of attention to the spiritual and psychological qualities of the challengers. The girls from our base are confident, well-versed in their emotions, psychologically mature personalities. These are light and interesting personages who have a whole world inside. He can captivate even the most sophisticated man.

We arrange a romantic date

We will not only find you the perfect companion, but also offer a choice of several options for a romantic rendezvous. This can be a trip on a yacht, a date in the equestrian club, a game of golf or tennis for those who love outdoor activities. If you want to hit the lady of the heart with generosity, then we will book you a table in the best restaurant. Want to surprise a girl? We will rent luxury apartments for you. Dreaming of romance? We will arrange a date for you on the beach, which you will never forget.

Contact us, and boldly go to meet your destiny!

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Model escort agency Russian models

Model escort agency Russian models

Model escort agency Russian models