Elite escort services - what's the difference from the usual?

Elite escort conceived as an additional tool in the conduct of serious negotiations. Stunning and smart girl should create the right associations and image of a man and his company. Models on presentations incline men to buy a car, and elite escorting girls motivate sign important contracts.

What girls can provide elite escort services?

Naturally, they are beautiful, slim, fit, well-groomed. Most of them are former models. But there are a lot of beauties now, so this is only the first step. It is necessary that the lady something cling and stand out.

Elite escorts are definitely smart. No one will ask about the availability of diplomas. Knowledge of several languages, knowledge of psychology, geography, reading, broad outlook - a huge plus, which will give a chance to break into the world of elite escort. The lady should be such that the eyes do not tear and ears do not take. That distinguishes the elite escort from the usual, which is equated with prostitution, that girls here are educated and very smart. An elite escort can hold a conversation on the topic of the global financial crisis, the World Cup or Nietzsche.

Naturalness is in fashion

Men are tired of pumped up dolls with extended eyelashes and hair. There are enough of them in any pub, and they hang for free around the neck. Businessmen are willing to pay for naturalness. Ladies should have their teeth, beautiful healthy hair and natural nails.

If she has silicone in her chest and lips, and emptiness in her head, then she cannot get into an elite escort. Now femininity, naturalness is in fashion. The girl should have a pretty face, she is called a baby face, and a non-nasty character.

An elite escort does not deny intimate services, but this happens only by mutual consent. An influential male escort is important as a tool for business promotion. Many of them are happily married, and such services of the faithful family men are not interested. If sex happens, then a man well rewards a girl for him. Many young ladies give cars and apartments.

What is an elite escort?

There is a stereotype among the people that an escort is a girl who cannot earn anything except selling her body. But this is absolutely wrong. Not everyone will be able to qualify for an elite escort. Most with duck lips, burned hair and silicone breasts will not pass the casting.

Successful men can afford to spend time with a gentle, natural, beautiful, interesting and intelligent girl. So they pay a lot of money.

Not all escort girls earn the same: there are just beautiful dolls who are ashamed to be taken out of the room, because they are not very smart. These ladies will forever remain in the category of sex slaves.


As a rule, only 10% of those willing to qualify for an elite escort. Girls from the usual escort - it's just veiled priestess of love.

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Model escort agency Russian models

Model escort agency Russian models

Model escort agency Russian models