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Escort services are becoming more popular every day. And more and more young and beautiful persons go into this business in order to earn easy money, as it seems to them. But it is impossible to receive much well without straining. Therefore, many girls do not stay in the elite escort for a long time. So what are the qualities that an escort should have?

Special girl

Maintenance is a job, and not as easy as it seems at first glance. To stay in an elite escort and have many clients, an escort has to have a number of qualities:

  • erudition,
  • grammatically correct speech,
  • own voice,
  • foreign language skills,
  • basic knowledge of psychology and NLP.

A girl should be tolerant and loyal, because different people revolve in high circles. She should draw attention to herself not only with beauty, but also show her charisma. To be moderately witty and creative.

Higher education (it may be incomplete) and attractive appearance - this is the minimum, without which the girl’s candidacy will not even be considered. The main quality, without which it cannot survive in an elite escort, is purposefulness. Only an assertive lady will pump every day not only her ass, but also her brains.

Everyone has their own ideal

Each client sees the perfect girl to accompany and leisure in their own way. One likes busty blondes a la Marilyn Monroe, and the other - subtle brunettes, like Audrey Hepburn. If crowds of fans don't line up to the beginner escort girl, then you just need to wait. If a girl really represents something, then men will sooner or later start to queue up.

Of course, you need to strive for perfection, but you shouldn’t give up if something went wrong the first time and didn’t manage to work together. The client chooses a girl not only by external factors. There is also simple human compatibility. The girl and the client should be comfortable together. They need to be on the same wavelength.

Handmade beauty

Today it is not so difficult to become irresistible, even if nature is a little cheated in this regard. The beauty industry has gone so far ahead that if you have the means and certain knowledge and skills, you can make a beauty out of any lady. The main thing is to work. Simple pretty girls by nature have to sweat a little less, and for individuals with a more mundane appearance - more. But believe me, it's worth it.

An elite escort girl is required to take care of herself in advance. Excursion to the gym, health care, diet, moderate use of decorative cosmetics, massage, spa treatments. The wardrobe of a girl who works in the field of leisure should also be flawless. Escorts need to be able to emphasize their strengths and hide disadvantages.

Ability to read people

The ideal girl to accompany should be a bit of a psychologist. First of all, she is obliged to rule her own emotions and not to show negative attitude. It would be nice to attend several trainings on interpersonal relationships.

The girl will be able to endeavor more quickly to the client or his surroundings, if she owns the basics of NLP. She could even influence the course of the negotiations. Knowledge of physiognomy (a method of determining personal qualities in the face) and the psychology of gestures will help people to understand well.

So which girls do an elite escort choose? Best in every way! Therefore, an elite escort girl can be justly be proud of herself.

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Model escort agency Russian models

Model escort agency Russian models

Model escort agency Russian models