Great escort rules

An elite escort is the way to a secure future and a beautiful life. After all, several higher educations, music school, knowledge of languages does not guarantee well-being. You can have a degree and get a poor celery and work for pennies, and you can be with an incomplete higher education, or being a student, to earn an apartment and a car. It all depends on how much a girl can present herself. In order to become the perfect elite escort, you need to have an excellent appearance and something to represent as a character.

Today you will not surprise anyone only with a beautiful face and an ideal body. In order to become a star of an elite escort, a girl must constantly work on herself and develop herself. The presence or absence of a diploma of higher education has nothing to do with it, but it is not bad if it exists.

The escort girl should have impeccable manners and knowledge of etiquette, including business. Dining etiquette is not even discussed! Beautiful posture, a great sense of rhythm, plastic body, the ability to dance, play a musical instrument, understand the art. A girl must know at least one foreign language. If a lady is a polyglot, then this is a huge advantage for her!

How should a perfect escort girl behave?

Learn about the client all

Before going to an event with a businessman, she should be familiar with the nature of his activities. This is necessary in order not only to clap the eyelashes beautifully, but to fully support the conversation, to express one’s opinion. To do this, the lady must understand the global economy, finance, public life. If necessary, the girl may even enter into an argument and reasonably defend own opinion.

See the program of the event in advance

There is nothing worse than a woman dressed at random. An elite escort girl must adhere to the dress code of the event. This applies to clothing, shoes, makeup. You may have to bring along an extra set to change clothes, when necessary. A girl should understand fashion, dress with taste.

Be a bit of a diplomat and a psychologist

If a tense situation or an awkward pause arises in a conversation between business partners, the lady should carefully turn her attention to herself. A few unobtrusive questions to the opponent on abstract topics, for example, about sports or travel. Naturally, an escort girl should understand the subject matter of conversation.

Silence is gold

Everything that a girl sees and hears during and after accompaniment should not be passed on to third parties. Escort agencies are very severely punished for breaking this rule. The girl faces dismissal and great trouble from the man she accompanied. As a rule, they do not take risks and always keep their mouths shut.

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Model escort agency Russian models

Model escort agency Russian models

Model escort agency Russian models