How an ideal escort girl should behave

There is such information that the famous Audrey Hepburn in her youth was engaged in escorting rich men at parties in Amsterdam, and later in London. By the way, at that time her excessive thinness and high growth did not at all coincide with the canons of beauty.

At one of the secular parties she were seen by writer Sidonie Colette. She decided that the girl is perfect for the main role in her musical "Gill". So Audrey enters the world of show business. And after 10 years, brilliantly playing an elite escort in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany". The character of Audrey in this film is a worthy example to follow. She shows that the escort is first and foremost a true lady.

Respect for yourself and others

The girl should be strongly developed self-esteem. She should respect herself and others. It is necessary that it look sincere, and not as an empty posturing, when the lady only puts on a mask for a while.

Ability to keep a distance

This should by no means look like arrogance. A girl at a social event must be able to talk with any person, regardless of his position in society. But even a hint of flirting or coquetry is not allowed here. Nice to talk with guests and at the same time not to fall into an ambiguous situation - a real talent.

Self control

Internal discipline is one of the main virtues of an elite escort. Even if the fire is burning inside, the girl has no right to show her negative attitude to others. A true lady does not suffer from mood swings.

Well delivered speech

Naturally, you need to completely get rid of the defects of diction, correctly place the stress in the words, remove the accent. Use obscene language or use surzhik - not allowed.

The voice of the girl from the accompaniment should be charming. The soft timbre and individual style of speech will distinguish the escort girl from the crowd. History remembers the ladies, at whose feet the men fell in piles only thanks to a beautiful voice.

Queen's Posture

An elite escort cannot afford to slouch. Her shoulders are always straightened, but at the same time she is completely relaxed. Tension does not belong here, because this is her normal state. She is always charming and graceful. The girl knows how to sit beautifully. She should adopt such a pose in order to emphasize her beauty, but at the same time she should not look like she is on the showcase.

Lady of the elite escort can dress and apply makeup. Her clothes do not have to be branded. The main thing - stylish, emphasizing its charms and appropriate. The ability to do yourself a straightforward hairstyle and a good make-up will definitely come in handy. There are situations when it is not possible to get into the salon

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