The reality faced by novice models

To realize the dream and become successful in the modeling business, many young girls turn to specialized agencies. But there are a number of features of the profession that should be considered before making a decision.

To start earning, it is worth investing.

  • If the external data complies with the model school, in order to learn, you have to pay an average of $ 500 to $ 700 per month.
  • A quality portfolio (a set of photos from a professional photographer) will cost $ 500 -1500.
  • The cost of cosmetics, services of stylists, makeup artists, rental locations and branded clothing can be different in amount depending on the preferences and capabilities.
  • In the process of learning, future models should master the basics of acting, fashion shows and image style. In practice, the skills of posing in front of cameras and camcorders. Professional schools of model business also organize courses on the history of fashion, trends in art, and the principles of proper nutrition. Often group or individual lessons are aimed at developing free communication in foreign languages. Psychology trainings are able to provide the necessary skills at work. As a result, girls receive diplomas of training. But in the modeling business such a document does not have the power and does not affect the career advancement in any way.

    Some modeling agencies in Russia are highly qualified and respected. They help their graduates with work at an early stage, but not everyone can become famous and in demand.

    Truth and myths about working as a model.

    There are many erroneous ideas about this profession. For girls who plan to be realized in this direction, it is important to immediately understand what is true and what is myth from this.

    • Many agencies for expanding their client base suggest that each can become a model.

    Today, there is a global trend to attracting girls of non-standard appearance, but these are rather rare exceptions than the rule. In the modeling business, strict requirements for growth are 175-180 cm, the parameters of the figure (the ideal ratio is 90-60-90 or so). Preference in the selection given to girls with natural hair color and well-groomed skin. Cute features or presence of a highlight in appearance, charisma are desirable for promotion. We welcome the desire and openness to learning, knowledge of a foreign language, good breeding and good manners, ability to move.

    • There is an opinion in everyday life that the work of the model is easy and highly paid.

    Only top models receive thousand dollars contracts. In most cases, girls who start a career have unstable earnings on average of $ 30-100 for participating in a show or project. You should also always keep fit, keep an eye on your appearance, be able to smile in any situation and withstand psychological pressure. Often, girls have to work in extreme conditions, in a very active rhythm, at different temperatures, early in the morning or late at night. It should be borne in mind that high payments only for professional and often exhausting work.

    • Education is not as important as external data.

    The career of a model often ends by the age of 30, and then one has to realize oneself in another field. Obtained education allows you to be confident in the future and be erudite in communicating with colleagues and employers.

    • Girls of Slavic appearance are the most beautiful, therefore Russian models are in demand all over the world.

    The peak of popularity of girls with Slavic features was in the 90s, when after the collapse of the USSR the borders became open. Today, Western agencies are looking for people who are interesting and extraordinary. And with the development of the Internet and social networks, global competition is becoming very tough.

    If all of the above is not scary and there is confidence in your abilities, a step towards your dream is to fill out a form on the site.

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